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N for nitrogen nature Nice cream

Nice cream stands for delicious, fresh and natural ice cream, made to order right in front of your eyes. It is all possible thanks to innovative technology of freezing with liquid nitrogen at -196˚Celsius.

There are two kinds of shops. In factory ice creams are made to order – you select the ingredients and watch them turning into ice cream in less than a minute. You can choose from huge selection of flavours, including vegan and keto (with no added sugar). You can also compose your own bubble tea and bubble waffle and try our barista-made coffee.  

In spot you can choose from already frozen and ready-to-eat ice cream flavours. They are made daily in our factories. Thanks to that we can be closer to you and you do not have to wait for your ice cream. In spots you can also enjoy your favourite  bubble tea.

It’s no longer normal ice cream, it’s nice cream 🙂

What makes our

Ice cream so special

Our goal is simple – to create the best quality and natural artisan ice cream.


In factory you create your own ice cream that is made to order in less than a minute from locally sourced fresh ingredients.
Fresh ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen are deliverde to spots daily. Artisan manufacturing of small batches of ice creams helps with quick rotation of flavours.
How do we do it


Ice cream is made to order in front of your eyes. Thanks to that you can be certain what goes into you dessert.
We use only locally sourced and verified milk, cream, fruits and vegetables and 100% natural other ingredients.
How do we do it

Incredibly creamy

The smaller the ice crystals the creamier the ice cream. Shock freezing with liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperature of -196˚C helps to create smooth and creamy ice cream with no artificial additives. The ice crystals do not have time to form and their size never exceeds 10µm - much below of what we can feel with our tongue.
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Huge selection

In factory you create your own ice cream so the selection in only limited by your imagination. Ingredients are changed seasonally depending on its availability at local producers at a time.
In spots ice cream flavours are rotating on a daily basis.
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What our guests

Say about us

Your satisfaction is our priority and biggest reward. More than 3 000 recommendations on various platforms gives us strengths and assures us that we do a great work and our product finds your appreciation.

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Factory offers wide selection of ingredients where you can create your own ice cream, bubble tea or bubble waffle. In spots you can find ice creams served in a more traditional way that are frozen beforehand in factory.

Nice cream factory

Liquid nitrogen ice cream made to order, bubble tea, bubble waffle, coffee.

Nice cream spot

Selection of ice cream delivered daily from factory and refreshing bubble tea.

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