Be creative with Bubble Tea & Bubble Waffle
Bubble tea is a great drink for every situation. Now also available with home delivery.

Bubble waffle is a perfect dessert for colder evenings. Soft inside and crispy outside crust, vegan option also available!
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Have fun creating your own ice cream
You choose ingredients, we freeze them into ice cream right in front of you!
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Nice cream mobile app
Collect points for each order and win freebies. Compete to reach higher levels and finally become Nice Monster 🙂
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Nice to meet you!

N for nitrogen nature Nice cream

Nice cream stands for delicious, fresh and natural ice cream, made to order right in front of your eyes. It is all possible thanks to innovative technology of freezing with liquid nitrogen at -196˚Celsius.

There are two kinds of shops. In factory ice creams are made to order – you select the ingredients and watch them turning into ice cream in less than a minute. You can choose from huge selection of flavours, including vegan and keto (with no sugar added). You can also compose your own bubble tea and bubble waffle and try our barista-made coffee.  

In spot you can choose from already frozen and ready-to-eat ice cream flavours. They are made daily in our factories. Thanks to that we can be closer to you and you do not have to wait for your ice cream. In spots you can also enjoy your favourite  bubble tea.

It’s no longer normal ice cream, it’s nice cream 🙂