Factory Chmielna

Made to individual order – you pick the ingredients and can watch us turning them into delicious ice cream with liquid nitrogen in less than a minute.

Ice cream flavours frozen in the morning for your convenience. The same ice cream but you don’t have to wait and you can mix different flavours in one serving.

  • Kid's size
    Kid's size 7zł

    one flavour - 80g

  • Small
    Small 13zł

    two flavours - 160g

  • Standard
    Standard 18zł

    three flavours - 240g

  • Box
    Box 30zł

    three flavours - 450g

  • Small in Bubble waffle
    Small in Bubble waffle 21zł

    two flavours - 160g

  • Standard in Bubble waffle
    Standard in Bubble waffle 26zł

    three flavours - 240g

From our well-trained baristas, from the finest coffee beans.

  •  Espresso
    Espresso 5zł
  • Flat white
    Flat white 6zł
  • Americano
    Americano 6/ 8zł
  • Latte
    Latte 6/ 8zł
  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino 6/ 8zł
  • Hot chocolate
    Hot chocolate 9zł
  • Tea
    Tea 8zł

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