Our craft

New version of traditional ice cream

Ice cream is our passion. That is why we are serving them continuously since 1988. Tradition and know-how is passed from generation to generation. We listen to you and keep analysing your needs, therefore we tirelessly make our craft better and seek new solutions. Experimenting with new flavours and mixing them makes us feel happy and we want to share this feeling with you.

This is the reason behind creation of Nice cream in 2016 where you can make your own ice cream thanks to our traditional recipe and modern liquid nitrogen technology. 100% transparent, you always know what you eat because delicious ice cream is made right in front of your eyes.

Now you can be up to date with our latest offerings and order with delivery on Nice cream mobile app or our website. When you use the app you get points for every order you place, which can be later exchanged for rewards. In addition you can see the ingredient list, energy value and allergens of each ice cream flavour.

What makes our

Ice cream so special

Our goal is simple – to create the best quality and natural artisan ice cream.


In factory you create your own ice cream that is made to order in less than a minute from locally sourced fresh ingredients.
Fresh ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen are deliverde to spots daily. Artisan manufacturing of small batches of ice creams helps with quick rotation of flavours.


Ice cream is made to order in front of your eyes. Thanks to that you can be certain what goes into you dessert.
We use only locally sourced and verified milk, cream, fruits and vegetables and 100% natural other ingredients.

Incredibly creamy

The smaller the ice crystals the creamier the ice cream. Shock freezing with liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperature of -196˚C helps to create smooth and creamy ice cream with no artificial additives. The ice crystals do not have time to form and their size never exceeds 10µm - much below of what we can feel with our tongue.

Huge selection

In factory you create your own ice cream so the selection in only limited by your imagination. Ingredients are changed seasonally depending on its availability at local producers at a time.
In spots ice cream flavours are rotating on a daily basis.

We start our day very early in the morning

Since 3 am in the morning our driver is in the local market to select the best fresh and riped fruits, vegetables, diary and other ingredients. Then he brings them to our factory.

Factories opening

You can feel like real ice cream maestro since before noon and create your ouw flavours. You select what goes into the bowl, then we mix it and freeze with liquid nitrogen in less than a minute right in front of your eyes!
It is worth to wait 🙂